“Each pile of clutter is a monument to a series of small procrastinations.”  –  Peter Walsh, author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat

Top Three Benefits of Working with ClutterBye

-You don’t have to do it alone        -Save time      -Get it done and over with

You probably don’t think that anyone can go through someone else’s paperwork but you, but that’s not true. Most people have the same basic paperwork and the same documents need to be kept for tax reporting and closing accounts so with some personal input from you, as much or as little detail can be stored away for future use or as keepsakes.

I do not offer tax, legal or financial advice, however, my level of knowledge and experience will put your mind at ease and alleviate the guilt of never getting this finished and over with. Part of the grieving process is to eventually move on and getting this done is a huge relief.

ClutterBye® comes to you and will work in the privacy of your home with you. You or your loved one may not have friends or family who can help with this, which is what makes this service invaluable. Most people have never had to work with a large volume of other people’s paperwork so let the experts handle it and make it simple for you.

I charge $60 an hour, have a four-hour minimum, and supplies that are turned over to you are additional.    

  • Payment is due upon service and I accept, cash, checks, and credit cards via PayPal.
  • Strict confidentiality is exercised regarding all information shared and seen.

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Thank you so much! It was like a whirlwind came through here and I feel SO much better now!

Virginia in Fallbrook

I used to feel like I was spinning in circles all the time but now I can find my way around and actually find things. I can’t believe how much time I used to waste looking for things.

Becky T.

Escondido, CA

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