Since 2003, as the founder and owner of ClutterBye, I have been eliminating clutter and chaos and as an estate organizer, I can quickly sort through what has been left for you to do and make it go away. Dubbed fearless, compassionate, patient, and humorous by clients and peers, I adapt to your work pace and learning style and leave you with what matters the most, your precious memories and what matters the most.  

One of my first organizing projects was to sort out a deceased woman’s things. Paperwork, clothing, mementos, and furniture all needed to be dealt with and even though she had passed away two years before that, her partner was still too emotional to do the work. It was becoming more and more difficult to encounter the deceased’s belongings on a daily basis and her paperwork had never been gone through. This same project has presented itself to me many times over the years and quite often the loved ones just can’t do it or there may not even be a close family member to do it. Few people die leaving their affairs in order, much less their papers.

After taking on so many of these projects, I started to notice many similarities in doing this kind of work and have developed an innate sense of what the family may like to see and can quickly sort through a person’s belongings.


I have been an active member of NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, since 2003 and have served in many Board of Director capacities for the for San Diego Chapter. I was the President, Treasurer and Vice President twice, the Director of Professional Development, and the chair and member of numerous committees. I have been certified as both a Freedom Filer and Paper Tiger consultant and enjoyed being a member of the Filing Geeks Club. Also, as a Designer for ShelfGenie, I turned hard to reach shelves into rollout drawers. I’m currently serving as the moderator for the Directors of Professional Development nationwide within NAPO. 

I moved from San Diego to the Coachella Valley in 2018, having lived in San Diego since moving there from Boulder, CO in 1986. I’m an active volunteer at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and still return to San Diego occasionally for special clients. 

It’s your choice whether you put it down or put it away. – Jan Davis


When you’re left with someone else’s stuff, the most challenging thing is to go through it all and make sense of it. This is where ClutterBye® can help you.

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